Taras Hunczak, editor
with the assistance of John T. von der Heide

The Ukraine, 1917-1921:
A Study in Revolution


Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute 1977


Introduction: Richard Pipes
Chapter One Ukrainian National Aspirations and the Russian Provisional Government Wolodymyr Stojko
Two Hrushevsky and the Central Rada Ihor Kamenetsky
Three The Ukraine Under Hetman Pavlo Skoropadskyi Taras Hunczak
Four The Directory of the Ukrainian National Republic Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak
Five The Communist Take-Over of the Ukraine Yaroslav Bilinsky
Six Political Parties in the Ukraine Jurij Borys
Seven The Communist Party of the Ukraine and Its Role in the Ukrainian Revolution John S. Reshetar
Eight The Fourth Universal and Its Ideological Antecedents Ivan L. Rudnytsky
Nine The Church and the Ukrainian Revolution Bohdan R. Bociurkiw
Ten The Great Ukrainian Jacquerie Arthur E. Adams
Eleven Nestor Makhno and the Ukrainian Revolution Frank Sysyn
Twelve The Germans and the Union for the Liberation of the Ukraine, 1914-1917 Oleh Fedyshyn
Thirteen Allied Policy and French Intervention in the Ukraine, 1917-1920 George A. Brinkley, Jr.
Fourteen America and the Ukrainian National Cause, 1917-1920 Constantine Warvariv
Appendix: The Four Universals
List of Contributors