1. Ukrainian Cossack, Summer 1990

2. Demonstration outside KGB headquarters in L'viv, Summer 1990

3. Young men and women take an oath of allegiance to an independent Ukraine, Summer 1990, Kryvyi Rih

4. Pre-election rally in Kyiv, February 1990

5. Ukrainians wearing the uniforms of the 1917-20 'Sich Sharpshooters' in Kyiv, January 1990

6. Mass demonstration by 100 000 people in Kyiv on 30 September 1990 against the signing of Gorbachev's Union Treaty

7. Members of the 'People's Council' lead demonstration in Kyiv, Autumn 1990

8. Celebration of the 500th anniversary of the 'Days of Cossack Glory' in Dnipropetrovs'k (Sicheslav), Autumn 1990

9. Levko Lukianenko addresses a rally in the forest of Bykivnia near Kyiv, where, according to 'Memorial', up to 240 000 Ukrainian victims of the NKVD lay buried, May 1989

10. Ivan Drach addresses rally in support of Lithuania's declaration of independence, Kyiv, March 1990

11a. Searching for a lost relative, 7 May 1989

11b. Human bones uncovered at the Bykivnia site, April 1989

12. Radical MP, Stepan Khmara, speaking at the Supreme Council of Ukraine before his arrest in November 1990

13. Viacheslav Chornovil. Ex-dissident, (former) chairman of L'viv oblast council and leading challenger to Leonid Kravchuk in the December 1991 presidential elections

14. Levko Lukianenko, leader of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union-Ukrainian Republican Party, 1988

15. Leading ex-political prisoners, now all deputies, on the day of the Ukrainian Declaration of Sovereignty, 16 July 1990

16. The catacomb Ukrainian Catholic Church holds a service in the woods, Ivano-Frankivs'k, Christmas 1989

17. Patriarch Mstyslav, (formerly) leader of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church

18. The Second Rukh Congress, October 1990, Kyiv

19. Opposition figures carry the coffins of leading Ukrainian dissidents from the Brezhnev era - Oleksa Tykhyi, Vasyl Stus and Valerii Marchenko - who died in the Gulag, for reburial in Kyiv (November 1990)

20. Ukrainian Catholic hunger strikers in Moscow, August 1989

21. 250 000 crowd demanding the legalisation of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, L'viv, September 1989

22. Demonstration being broken up by riot police outside the Ukrainian parliament, Kyiv, October 1990

23. Student hunger strike, 'Independence Square', Kyiv, October 1990

24. The first dismantling in the USSR of the statue of V. I. Lenin in L'viv, September 1990

25. Ukrainian miner protests against ecological damage to Ukraine, Kyiv, October 1990

26. May 1990: Dnipropetrovs'k Afghan veterans beat up Rukh activists whilst militia look on

27. Kyiv, Summer 1991. Poster reads 'Kravchuk, do not fool around with the Ukrainian people. Luhans'k demands freedom for Ukraine!'