C. I. Lewis, Mind and the World-Order, 1941




  1. Introduction: About Philosophy in General and Metaphysics in Particular. The Proper Method of Philosophy
  2. The Given Element in Experience
  3. The Pure Concept
  4. Common Concepts and Out Common World
  5. The Knowledge of Objects
  6. The Relativity of Knowledge and the Independence of the Real
  7. The A Priori -- Traditional Conceptions
  8. The Nature of the A Priori, and the Pragmatic Element in Knowledge
  9. The A Priori and the Empirical
  10. The Empirical and Probable
  11. Experience and Order

  1. Natural Science and Abstract Concepts
  2. Esthesis and Esthetics
  3. Concepts and "Ideas"
  4. Mind's Knowledge of Itself
  5. The applicability of Abstract Conceptual Systems to Experience
  6. The Logical Correlates of the A Priori and the A Posteriori

Problems from Wilfrid Sellars