Paul Nursey-Bray, Anarchist Thinkers and Thought: An Annotated Bibliography, 1992.



2027. L'Agitazione. Ancona. Edited by Errico Malatesta 1897-1898. Malatesta published, in the journal, articles which discussed some of the views put forward by Kropotkin in The Conquest of Bread.

2028. L'Anarchie. Paris. April 1905-July 1914. Articles reprinted as Libertad. Edited Roger Langlais. Paris: Editions Galilee, 1976.

2029. The Anarchist. London. March 1885-August 1888. Edited by Henry Seymour, a follower of Benjamin Tucker, this was a journal associated with neo-Proudhonian and individualist anarchist views.

2030. Arbeiter Zeitung. Berne. July 1876-October 1877. A German-language newspaper set up in Berne by Paul Brousse; first published on 15th July, 1876, it ceased publication with the issue of 13 October, 1877.

2031. L'Associazione. Nice/London. 1889-1890. Edited by Errico Malatesta it was published with the intention "to constitute an international socialist- anarchist-revolationary party with a common platform." (Max Nettlau, Errico Malatesta, 42. Op.cit., entry 639).

2032. L'Avant-Garde. La Chaux-de-Fonds. June 1877-December 1878. Started by Paul Brousse in La Chaux-de-Fonds on 2 June 1877, it closed with the issue of 2 December 1878. Brousse was arrested by the Swiss government and sentenced to two months in gaol. L'Avant-Garde was designated the successor journal to Bulletin De La Federation Jurassienne, by the editor of that journal, James Guillaume, after its closure in March 1878. However L'Avant-Garde was more aggressive - "un journal d'attaque" (Kropotkin) - than its predecessor.

2033. Blast. San Francisco. January 1916-June 1917. A journal edited by Alexander Berkman. Reproduced New York: Greenwood Reprint, 1970.

2034. Bulletin de la Federation Jurassienne. La Chaux-de-Fonds. 1872-March 1878. Edited by James Guillaume, this was very much a Bakuninist journal. Kropotkin contributed significantly to it during its final year of publication.

2035. The Commonweal. London. February 1885-May 1894. The paper of Morris's Socialist League, which, when the anarchist faction was in the ascendency, took on a decidedly anarchist character. The anarchists won a majority on the executive council in 1889 and deprived Morris of the editorship. In December 1890 Commonweal appeared as a monthly with the subhead "A Journal of Revolutionary Socialism." It resumed weekly publication in May 1892 with the subhead, "A Revolutionary Journal of Anarchist Communism."

2036. he Droit Social. Lyon. 12th February 1882-23rd July 1882. The first of a series of periodicals published in Lyon in this period. As each was suppressed by the authorities, it was replaced by a successor. They reflect Lyon's importance as a center for the dissemination of anarchism in the 1880s.

2037. Fanal. Berlin. October 1926-July 1931. Edited by the anarchist intellectual Erich Miihsam, who, with Gustav Landauer, was one of the leaders of the Bavarian Soviet in 1919. Miihsam had previously published and edited the journal Kain, Munich: 1911-14/1918-19. He hanged himself while in the "protective custody" of the Nazis.

2038. Freedom. London. October 1886-November/December 1927. May 1930- July/September 1936. August 1945-. The anarchist journal with the longest existence. Founded by Kropotkin, Charlotte Wilson and others it has been a vehicle for anarchist ideas and programmes for over a century, after surviving a troubled period during the 1930s. It was absorbed by Fighting Call in October 1936, a paper published by the Freedom Group, London, and the Anti-Parliamentary Communist Federation, Glasgow. Fighting Call ceased publication in February 1937. Spain and the World, December 1936- December 1938, and Revolt, February 1939-June 1939, provided, in succession, a forum for anarchist ideas until War Commentary, incorporating Freedom, appeared in November 1939. War Commentary ran until August 1945, when Freedom reappeared as Freedom Through Anarchism. This title was maintained up to and including the issue of 14 December 1946. On 4 January 1947 the title Freedom was resumed with Vol.8, No.l.

2039. Freiheit. London. January 1879-December 1882. New York. 1883- August 1910. Founded by Johann Most this was the first anarchist paper published in England. Most was jailed in 1881 for celebrating the assassination of Tsar Alexander n, and the paper was suppressed in 1882 for its support of Irish assassins. A few issues were produced in Geneva but, following the release of Most, the base was moved to New York in 1883, from where Most's fiery journalism provided a backdrop to the Haymarket Affair of 1886.

2040. Le Journal du Peuple. Paris. 22 January-August 1899. Established by Sebastien Faure as daily form of Le Libertaire, it failed after a short period, and Faure reverted to the weekly format.

2041. Le Libertaire. Paris. November 1895-June 1914/1919- 1958? Established by Sebastien Faure, this proved to be the longest lasting of French anarchist periodicals distributed on a national level. Normally a weekly, it was published on a daily basis as Le Journal du Peuple in 1899, and on a daily basis as Le Libertaire from December to March 1923.

2042. Liberty. New York. 1881-April 1908. Suspended from December 1900 to December 1902. Periodical founded and edited by Benjamin Tucker and expressing in its columns his individualist anarchist views. George Bernard Shaw, among others, was impressed.

2043. Man! San Francisco. January 1933-April/May 1940. An anarchist journal of prose, poetry and comment, edited by Marcus Graham. Material for the May 1940 issue was turned over to the U. S. Federal Attorney who advised the printer to cease printing further issues or face prosecution by the Government. It was the ninth printer in seven and a half years of existence. The journal folded in the face of this pressure. A collection of articles, extracts-etc. from the journal is published as Man!, op.cit, entry 1389.

2044. Mother Earth. New York. March 1906-August 1917. The periodical founded by Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman, containing not only their writings but those of other eminent American anarchists of the period, including Voltairine de Cleyre and Hippolyte Havel.

2045. Pensiero e Volonta. Rome. January 1924-October 1926. Due to censorship, only 16 numbers appeared in 1925 and the bi-monthly journal suspended publication in 1926. It was edited during this period by Errico Malatesta, who also wrote some important pieces for the journal.

2046. Le Pere Peinard. Paris. February 1889-January 1894. October/November 1896-1902?. A journal founded and edited by Emile Pouget, it sought to propagate anarchist ideas in a popular form, especially anarcho-syndicalist views. Like La Revolte it fell foul of the laws against anarchist propaganda promulgated in 1894.

2047. Le Peuple. Paris. November 1848-13th June 1849. 15th June-13th October 1850. As Proudhon's second periodical this was the successor to Le Represenant du Peuple. After support for an insurrection against Louis- Napoleon it was closed down and its premises wrecked. It reappeared for a short period in 1850 as a successor to La Voix du Peuple.

2048. La Questione Sociale. Firenze. Edited by Mala testa 1884-85. Published some important pieces of the young Malatesta.

2049. Le Reprisentant du Peuple. Paris. February 1848-September 1848. First Issue 7 February 1848. Proudhon's first periodical, in which he set out his views on property and mutuality. At its height the circulation reputedly reached an amazing 40,000 copies. It was suppressed in September 1848.

2050. Revolt. London. Feb.-June 1939. The successor journal to Spain and the World.

2051. La Revolte. Paris. September 1887-March 1894. First edition 17 September 1887. La Revolte was the successor to Le Revolte, edited by Jean Grave. It received the support of Elisee Reclus. It was highly regarded in anarchist circles as it continued and maintained the standards of its predecessor. However, in 1894, La Revolte collapsed as a result of new laws against anarchistic propaganda. Kropotkin contributed many articles to this journal, some of which were later published as La Conquete du Pain. La Revolte was succeeded by Les Temps Nouveaux.

2052. Le Revolte. Geneva. February 1878-March 1885/Paris. April 1885- September 1887. A journal, founded by Peter Kropotkin, and published from 1879 to 1887, that received moral and financial support from Elisee Reclus. It was a journal of considerable significance to the anarchist movement with serious and well-written articles that set out the principles of anarchist communism. Many of Kropotkin's articles in this journal were later published in Paroles d'un Revolte, op.cit. entry, 514. Designed as a successor to the banned L'Avant-Garde, the journal was first published in Geneva in February, 1879, by Kropotkin and two friends - described by Kropotkin as "the half-literate" Francois Dumartheray and "the novice" Georg Herzig. The journal had a wider circulation (some two thousand copies) than either the Bulletin or L'Avant-Garde. During Kropotkin's imprisonment at Clairvaux, Herzig and Dumartheray continued to publish the paper. Jean Grave, at the request of Reclus, and with Kropotkin's consent, took over the editorship of the paper at the end of 1883. Early in 1885, following increasing official harassment from the Swiss authorities, Grave moved the operations of the paper from Geneva to Paris. By 1 January, 1887, its circulation had grown to 8,000. Later that year Grave changed the name of the paper to La Revolte in a effort to deflect official attention.

2053. Spain and the World. London. December 1936-December 1938. A fortnightly journal published by Freedom Press from 1936-39; included articles by Emma Goldman, Camillo Berneri and Herbert Read. In 1939 it was incorporated in Revolt.

2054. Les Temps Nouveaux. Paris. May 1895-August 1914. 1916-June 1919. July 1919-June/July 1921. Edited by Jean Grave with the help of Kropotkin, the latter writing many articles for the journal. It was the successor to La Revolte.

2055. Umanitd Nova. Daily. Milan. Rome. Edited by Malatesta, 1920-22. At its peak it had a daily circulation of 50,000.

2056. La Voix du Peuple. Paris. 1 October 1849-14 May 1850. Proudhon's third periodical, financed by Alexander Herzen. Even more popular than its predecessors it was suppressed in May 1850. It was preceded and succeeded by Le Peuple.

2057. Volonta. Ancona. Edited by Malatesta from its inception, in June 1913, until June 1914. In this journal Malatesta developed his anti-war position and criticized those anarchists, such as Kropotkin, who had adopted a pro- war stance.


The great majority of the journals cited below are drawn from lists produced by The Anarchist Age, P. O. Box 29, Parkville, Victoria 3052, Australia, and are reprinted with the permission of the editors of that journal. They invite enquires or correspondence.


2058. 32 Gremioe Democrdticos. Jose Grunfeld, Moreno 1702-l°,1093 Buenos Aires. An anarchist broadsheet that has been produced for the past 22 years.

2059. Democrdticos. Casilla de Correo 1138, Correo Central, 1000 Buenos Aires. Anarchist newsletter.

2060. Ideaaccidn. Grupo Impulso, Sarmiento 4694, Rosario. An anarchist journal produced in Rosario.

2061. El Libertario. Carlos N. Farino, Brasil 1551, (1154), Buenos Aires. A broadsheet produced by the Federacion Libertaria Argentina.


2062. Activate. P.O Box 509, Port Melbourne, Victoria 3207. A publication by a group of anarchists in Port Melbourne.

2063. The Anarchist Age. P.O. Box 20, Parkville, Victoria 3052. Formerly the Libertarian Workers Monthly, this six-monthly journal is produced by the Melbourne based Libertarian Workers for a Self-Managed Society.

2064. Black and Blue. P.O. Box 25, Collingwood, Victoria 3066. A production of the Anarchist Black Cross in Melbourne.

2065. Black Star. Box 92, Students Council, Macquarie University, N.S.W. 2109. The journal produced by the Anarchist Students Union.

2066. Circle A. Propaganda Collective, Box 92, Students Union, Macquarie University, N.S.W. 2109. The paper of the Anarchist Students' Union.

2067. Ecstasy. Ecstasy Productions, G.P.O. Box 4644TT, Melbourne, Victoria 3001. Anarchist poems and other writing.

2068. The Future Now. Box 482, Wooloongabba, Queensland 4102. Produced in Brisbane, this is an anarchist publication featuring poetry and montage.

2069. Mutual Aid. P.O. Box 187, West End 4101, Queensland. A publication by a libertarian Catholic Group.

2070. Rebel Worker. P.O. Box 92, Broadway, Sydney, N.S.W. 2007. The monthly publication of the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation.

2071. Red and Black. P.O. Box 115, Enmore, N.S.W. 2042. Published twice yearly, this is a journal of essays and articles on various aspects of anarchist thought.

2072. Sparks. P.O. Box 1066, Nth. Richmond, Victoria, 3121/P.O. Box 259, Darlinghurst, N.S.W. 2010. Publication of the Transport Workers Association, an anarcho-syndicalist organization based on the public transport systems of Victoria and New South Wales.

2073. Squat It. 301, St Georges Road, North Fitzroy, Victoria 3065.

2074. Stand Up and Squat. P.O.Box 332, North Quay, Queensland 4002. A publication of the West End Anarchists.

2075. Unity. P.O. Box 214, Broadway, N.S.W. 2007. The journal of the anarcho-syndicalist postal workers.

2076. Vacant Lot. Freedom Collective, P.O.Box 203, Fremantle, W.A. 6160. A broadsheet produced in Western Australia.


2077. Alternative Libertaire. 2 Rue de l'lnquisition, 1040 Bruxelles. A monthly French language anarchist publication.

2078. De Nar. Bunderneef 2, 1710 Dilbeek. A Flemish language journal that sometimes contains anarchist material.


2079. Anarchist Black Cross. P.O. Box 6326 Sth. A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1P7. Regular newsletter providing world-wide information on anarchist and other anti-authoritarian prisoners.

2080. Anytime Now. Affinity Place, Argenta, B.C. VOG 1BO. Libertarian discussion journal.

2081. Demolition Derby. C.P. 1554, Succ. B, Montreal, Quebec. Journal of revolutionary theory and analysis.

2082. Ecomedia Bulletin. P.O. Box 915, Station F, Toronto, Ontario M4Y 2N9. Bi-weekly covering local and international issues from an anarchist viewpoint.

2083. Endless Struggle. P.O. Box 69601, Stn. K, Vancouver, B.C. V5K 4W7. Anarchist journal.

2084. Kick It Over. P.O. Box 5811, Station A, Toronto, Ontario. Anarcho- feminist journal.

2085. Open Road. Box 6135, Station G, Vancouver, B.C. V6R 4G5. Anarchist journal.

2086. Our Generation. 3981 Boulevard St-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y5. A semi-annual journal of articles and reviews devoted to the theory and practice of contemporary anarchism and libertarian socialism with material on anarchist history. Originally a peace journal entitled Our Generation Against Nuclear War which began with the Fall 1961 issue.

2087. Reality Now. P.O. Box 6326, Station A, Toronto, Ontario M5W 1P7. An informative anarchist journal.


2088. Accioni Directa. Casilla 52.330, Santiago-1. An anarchist journal produced by the Santiago Anarchist Collective.


2089. Guangara Libertaria. P.O.Box 1516, Riverside Station, Miami, Florida, 33135-1516. Quarterly journal published in Spanish by Cuban anarchists in exile.

Eastern Europe:

2090. Iztok. B.P. 70, 75663 Paris Cedex 12. Published in French this details anarchist activity in Eastern Europe.


2091. Liberecana Ligilo. P. Persson, Svartvilisv 14, S-123 52 Farsta, Sweden (Svedio). Produced by the Anarchist/Libertarian wing of the world Esperanto movement. See also entry 2142.


2092. L'Anarchic Marcel Renoulet, B.P. 205, 42005 Saint Etienne, Cedex. Publication of the Alliance Ouvriee Anarchiste.

2093. Bulletin C.R.I.R.A. Secretariet de la Crira, 145 Rue Amelot 75011, Paris. Bulletin of international anarchist news produced by the French Anarchist Federation.

2094. Cercle Etudes. Documentation Anarchiste, B.P. 28, 33031 Bordeaux, Cedex. Newsletter of the Bordeaux based Circle of Anarchist Studies.

2095. Chroniques Libertaires. B.P. 266, 75624 Paris, Cedex 13/or Centre de Propagande et de Culture Anarchiste, B.P. 21, 94190 Villeneuve-Saint- Georges. An anarchist journal which reviews the local and international anarchist press.

2096. Femmes libres. 61 Rue Pauly, 33130 Begles. Newsletter of Libertarian Free Women. They organize regular international meetings, the last being in Bordeaux in August 1990.

2097. Feuille Anarchiste. 122 Ave. de Choisy, Paris (13e). Anarchist journal.

2098. L'Homme Libre. B.P. 205, 42005 Saint Etienne. A quarterly journal.

2099. Humeurs Noirs. B.P. 79, 59370, Mons en Baroeue. Publication of the Anarchist Federation.

2100. I.F.A. Bulletin. 145 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. Bulletin of the Internationale des Federations Anarchistes.

2101. Interrogations. B.P. 243, 75564 Paris, Cedex 12. An anarchist journal focussing on environmental issues.

2102. Le libertaire. 25 Rue Dune d'Aplemont, 76600 Le Havre. Monthly journal.

2103. Lutterl B.P. 602, 75530 Paris. A publication of the French Libertarian Communists.

2104. Le Monde Libertaire. 145 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. The weekly newspaper of the French Anarchist Federation.

2105. L'Unisme. B.P. 105, 94402 Vitry, Cedex. Anarchist journal.

2106. Volonte Anarchiste. 145 Rue Amelot, 75011 Paris. Anarchist journal produced by the Groupe Fregnes-Antony.


2107. A.I.T Press Releases. I.A.A., Postfach 101223, 5000 Koln 1. Press releases from the International Workers Association regarding anarchist struggles across the world.

2108. Schwarzer Faden. Postfach 1159, D-7031 Grafenau-1. Excellently produced anarchist journal.

2109. Subversion. Postlagerkarte 002263B, D-1000 Berlin 12. A journal of "modern revolutionary thought."

2110. Trafik. Verlag und Versand Internationaler Libertarer Medien, Peter Peterson, Edvardstrasse 40, 4330 Mulheim/Ruhr 1. A journal of libertarian culture and politics.


2111. Anarchia. T.O. 26050, 1022 Athens. Produced monthly by anarchist activists.

2112. Anarchist Covenant. T.O. 30658, 1033 Athens. Monthly journal containing pieces on Marxism and anarchism.

2113. Antieeoysia. Aohna Kasaph, T.O. 31421, 100 35, Athens 47. Well- produced anarchist journal.

2114. Dokimh. T.O. 26050, 10022, Athens 5. A monthly anarchist journal of news and comment.

2115. Enantia. Filipou 46, T.O. 65403, Kavala. Bi-monthly journal with pieces on Marxism and anarchism.


2116. Anarcho-Info. Autonomia, c/- Eonos Klub, Karolyi M.ut. 9, H-1053 Budapest. Small publication, in English, outlining anarchist activities in Hungary.


2117. Ainriail. c/o 7 Winetaven Street, Belfast 1. A journal produced by Belfast anarchists that focuses on issues in Northern Ireland.


2118. Problemen. 203 Ben Jehuda, Tel Aviv 63502. Anarchist journal published in Hebrew.


2119. Anarchismo. A.M. Bonnano, C.P. 61, 95100 Catania. A well-produced journal that examines contemporary issues from an anarchist viewpoint.

2120. L'Agitatore Anarchico. G. Ruzza, Via C. Mercuri No. 9/0-13045, Gattinara. A journal from the Gruppo Anarchico in Gattinara.

2121. Anarres. Via S. Pietro 5, 54033 Carrara (MS). Anarchist journal of news and comment.

2122. A Rivista Anarchica. Editrice A, C.P. 17120, 20170 Milano. Well- produced monthly journal covering events and ideas in the anarchist movement on a global basis.

2123. Autonomen. Edizioni Sapere Collettivo, Via Finuli 29, 20092 Cinisello Balsamo, Milano. A journal of the Italian autonomist movement.

2124. Bolletino di Collegamento Nazionale. Vincenzo Italiano, C.P. 391- 80100, Napoli. Bulletin of Italian anarchist news.

2125. Centro di Documentazione Pistoia. Co-operativa CDP, C.P. 347, Via degli Orati 29, 51100 Pistoia. A bi-monthly anarchist bulletin produced by the anarchist library and documentation center in Pistoia.

2126. Collegamenti Wobbly, c/- Comitato Cabral, Via Massena 31, Torino. Well-produced journal.

2127. Comidad. Vincenzo Italiano, C.P. 391, 80100 Napoli. Anarchist bulletin for the Collegamento Nazionale in Naples. Appearing bi-monthly it looks at contemporary issues and reprints excerpts from the Italian anarchist media.

2128. Communismo Libertario. C.P. 558, 57100 Livorno. The journal of the Italian Libertarian and Anarchist Communists.

2129. CRAN. C.P. 264, 41100, Modena. The periodical of the Italian Christian Anarchist Movement.

2130. Dintorni. Centrostudi CDM, C.P. 259, Via Rainusso 130, 41100 Modena. Newsletter produced by the Anarchist Study Center, Modena.

2131. Germinal. Via Mazzini II, 32124 Trieste. Anarchist journal of news and comment regularly produced in Trieste.

2132. Homo Sapiens. C.P. 705, 70121 Bari. Well-produced left-libertarian journal.

2133. Operai Contro. C.P. 17168, 20170 Milano, Leoncavallo. A journal produced every two months.

2134. Pantagruel. Edizioni Anarchismo, C.P. 61, 95100 Catania. A journal of anarchist social, political and philosophical analysis. Supplement to Anarchismo.

2135. Provocazione. C.P. 61, 95100 Catania. Anarchist journal.

2136. Seme Anarchico. C.P. 217, 25154 Brescia. Monthly anarchist journal produced for the last ten years by Brescia anarchists.

2137. Senzapatria. C.P. 72, Calolziocorte, (BG). An anti-military and anti- authoritarian publication.

2138. Sicilia Libertaria. Giuseppe Gurrieri, Vico Leonardo Imposa 4, 97100 Ragusa. A monthly Sicilian anarchist journal of news and comment.

2139. Umanita Nova. Federazione Anarchica Italiana, Viale Monza 255, 20126 Milano or Via Ernesto Rossi 80, 57100 Livorno. A weekly newspaper produced by the Italian Anarchist Movement.

2140. Volontd. Editrice A, Via Rovetta 27, 20127 Milan. Anarchist journal of theory and ideas.


2141. Hiroshima Anarchist Bulletin. 1539 Ibara, Shiraki Asakijaku, Hiro si Machi, Hiroshima-ken. Bulletin produced by Hiroshima anarchist group.

2142. Libera Volo. A.R. Hensulitejo. 103 Senrien 1-6-39, Tojonaka Osaka, 56 Japan. The monthly journal of the Japanese Anarchist Federation produced in Esperanto.

2143. Libertaire. Yachi yodai Kita, 7-4-60, Yachinjo-shi Chiba, 276 Japan. A journal published over the past twenty years by a Tokyo based anarchist group.


2144. Federation of Korean Anarchists-Bulletin. CIRA, P.O. 1938, Kwanghwamun, Seoul. Bulletin of the Federation of Korean Anarchists.


2145. Inquietudes. Eliseo Rojas, A.P. M-10596, Mexico L. A journal published by Tierra y Libertad.

2146. Regeneraqion. A.P. 9090, Mexico I.D.F. Newsletter of the Mexican Anarchist Organization.

2147. Tierra y Libertad. A.P. 10596, Mexico I.D.F. Anarchist journal in production for over fifty years.


2148. Buiten de Orde. Faustlaan 34, Amstelveen. Anarchist journal.

2149. Nieuwe Strijd. Volkstraat 22, 2517 RM, Den Haag. Journal produced by the Independent Revolutionary Syndicalist Union.

2150. Recht Voor Allen. Fis. P. Calandlaan 50, P.B. 1149, Amsterdam. A journal produced by the Social Anarchists.

2151. De Raaf. P.B. 51217, Amsterdam. A journal containing a wide selection of anarchist articles.

2152. Totalweiger. p/a Totalweigerspreekuur, AMB, Pontanusstraat 20, Nijmegan. Anarchist journal.

2153 De Zwarte. P.B. 1023, Den Haag. Well-produced anarchist journal.

New Zealand:

2154. Anti-System 12. c/- Anarchy Organization, P.O. Box 14156, Kilbirnie, Wellington.

2155. The State Adversary. P.O. Box 78-104, Greylynn, Auckland. Discussion journal produced by an anarchist publishing house, Lancaster Publishing.


2156. Acapella. Adam Jagusiak, ul. Grunwaldzka 33/3, Sopot, Poland. Anarchist journal produced by freedom and peace activists.

2157. Action. Piotr J. K. Tyminski, A. I. Rewolucji Pazdziernikowej 97/19, 01-424 Warszawa. Information bulletin on anarchism and anarchist activity produced in English.

2158. Anarcholl. Dariusz Misiuna, ul. Guliwera 29, 03-610 Warszawa. Anarchist publication with an English summary.

2159. Atak. Marcal Mularski, ul. Morska 64/8, 75-234 Koszalin. Anarchist journal.

2160. Awers. Jaroslaw Bednarek. ul. Knietskeiego 3B/3, 75-445 Koszalin. Journal of the Polish Alternative Youth Movement.

2161. Biuletyn Informaq/iny FA. Marek Kurzyniec, ul. Smolemsk 16/8, 31- 112 Krakow. Bulletin of the Polish Anarchist Federation.

2162. Fraternite. Piotr J.K. Tyminski, A 1. Rewolucji Pazdziernikowej 97/19, 01-424 Warszawa. A journal focussing on the history and theory of anarchism.

2163. Homek. Janusz Waluszkio, ul. Stare Domki 6/9, 80-857 Gdansk. Newsletter by the Gdansk Alternative Society Movement.

2164. Kulturka Press. Rafal Kasprzak, ul. Bieruta 17/40, 64-920 Pila. Magazine of comment, and musical and literary reviews, all from an anti- statist position.

2165. Mat Paryadka. P.O.Box 67, 81-806 Sopot 6. Anarchist journal with articles on a wide variety of topics.

2166. Rebelianat Poranny. Stalislaw Gorka, ul. Energetykow 8/9, 41-76 Ruda Slaska. Anarchist journal produced in the Silesia region.

2167. Rewolta. Piotr Salwowski, ul. Mieszka I 48, 05-090 Raszyn, Warszawa. Anarchist journal produced by the Alternative Society Movement and the Anarchist Federation.

2168. Spartakus. Janusz Waluszko, ul. Stare Domki 6/9, 80-857 Gdansk. A journal of libertarian politics and culture.

2169. Szajba. Andrzej Tokarski, ul. Wolnosci 17/1, 67-120 Kozuchow. Contains articles on anarchist themes.


2170. A Batalha. Apartada 5085, 1702 Lisboa Codex. An anarchist journal of news and comment founded in 1919. Appears every two months.

2171. Aideia. Av. Guerra Janqueiro, 19-5°-E°, 1000 Lisboa. A publication by Portuguese and Brazilian anarchists which reviews anarchist culture and thought.

2172. Antitese. Apartado 40, 2801 Almada Codex. A libertarian/anarchist education journal.

2173. Ekomedia. CD. 1 Centelha, Apartado 241, 3003 Coimbra Codex. A bulletin of Portuguese news from a libertarian perspective produced in English.


2174. Cenit. Cenit-CNT, CCP 15 574 49K, 33 Rue des Vignoles, 75 020 Paris. The organ of the C.N.T. in exile.

2175. C.N.T.. Apdo. de Correos 282, 48080 Bilbao. Bi-monthly journal of the C.N.T., providing analysis of Spanish and international anarcho-syndicalist activities.

2176. CNT. c/- Magdalena 29, 20 Piso, Madrid. Monthly journal of the breakaway C.N.T.

2177. La Estiba. c/- del Mar, 97-08003 Barcelona. Monthly journal produced by the Anarcho-Syndicalist Dock Workers for its members.

2178. La Libertad. C.A.S.P.A., Apdo. de Correos No. 55-106, 28080 Madrid. A journal of news and comment of a Madrid anarchist group.

2179. Polemica. A. Lopez, Administrador, Valencia 465, 4°-3a, 08013 Barcelona. A monthly journal of criticism and views produced by the Spanish Anarchist Movement.

2180. Rojo y Negro. Redaccion, Sagunto 15. Anarchist journal.

2181. Solidaridad Obrera. Pza. de Medinaceli, 6, Entl., 1A, 08002, Barcelona. A monthly journal produced by the C.N.T. de Catalufia since 1907.

2182. Tetuan. Apdo. de Correos 28021, 28080 Madrid. New publication from Madrid.


2183. Brand. Box 15015, 5-10465, Stockholm. Previously known as Total Brand, the journal has been in existence for some ninety years.

2184. SAC Newsletter. Central Organization of Swedish Workers, Sveavagen 98, 11350 Stockholm. SAC is a syndicalist trade union made up of autonomous local branches. The newsletter seeks to inform organizations abroad of their activities.


2185. Efendisiz. Ufuk Ozcan, P.K. 953, 34437 Sirkeci, Istanbul. Bi-monthly anarchist journal.

2186. Kara. P.K. 1053, 34437 Sirkeci, Istanbul. Anarchist journal.

United Kingdom : England :

2187. Anarchy. Box A, 84b, Whitechapel High Street, London El 7QX. A journal of debate about anarchist theory and history in the 1960s and early 1970s when edited by Colin Ward. It later became a journal of news and comment more directly linked to the activist movement.

2188. Black Flag. 121 Railton Rd., London SE 24. A journal of news and comment for anarchist activists.

2189. Bulletin of Anarchist Research. T. V. Cahill, Dept. of Politics, University of Lancaster, Lancaster LA 14YL. Anarchist journal for discussion, reviews and exchange of research information.

2190. Direct Action. P.O. Box 761, Camberwell SDO, London SE59 JH. Newsletter of the Direct Action Movement, an anarcho-syndicalist organization.

2191. Endless Struggle. Hooligan Pr., B.M. Hurricane, London WC1N 3XX. A journal concentrating on anarchist activity, particularly in Europe.

2192. Freedom. Freedom Pr., 84b Whitechapel High Street, London El 7QX. Journal of articles and comment produced for 104 years, though not continuously. See 2033.

2193. Green Anarchist. 19 Magdalen Road, Oxford OX41 RP or 34 Cowley Rd, Oxford, OX41 H2. The magazine of the Green Anarchists of the U.K.

2194. Here and Now. P.O. Box 109, Leeds LS5 3AA. A journal which presents a radical, libertarian viewpoint on contemporary issues.

2195. Insurrection. Elephant Editions, B.M. Elephant, London WC1N 3XX. An anarchist journal of discussion and comment.

2196. Libertarian Education. The Cottage, The Green, Leire, Leicestershire. A journal that aims at the liberation of learning.

2197. Organise. P.O.Box 263, Sheffield SI 3EX. The journal of the British Anarcho-Communist Federation.

2198. A Pinch of Salt, c/- 24 South Road, Hockley, Birmingham B18. A Christian anarchist journal.

2199. The Raven. Freedom Pr., 84b Whitechapel High Street, London El 7QX. An anarchist quarterly containing articles and reviews on anarchist theory and history.

2200. Solidarity, c/- 123 Lathom Road, London E6 2EA. A journal of libertarian socialism focussing on an analysis of current issues.

United Kingdom: Scotland :

2201. Counter Information. 11 Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1. A journal that keeps activists informed of current disputes and protests. Over 20,000 distributed.

2202. Pavlovs Dogs, c/- Boomtown Bks., 167 King Street, Aberdeen AB2 3AE. Anti-authority journal.

United States:

2203. The Alarm. 1340 West Irving Park Road, Suite 122, Chicago 60613. Quarterly publication aimed at the provision of local and international news from a libertarian socialist perspective.

2204. ALF Newsletter. Association of Libertarian Feminists, 225 Layfayette, No 1212, New York, NY 10012. Anarcho-feminist journal.

2205. Anarchist Labor Bulletin. Incendiary Publications, P.O. Box 2100095, San Francisco, LA 94121-0095. An anarcho-syndicalist publication from the Anarchist Labor Network.

2206. Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed, c/- CAL, P.O. Box 1446, Columbia, MO 65205-1446. Anarchist journal with articles on contemporary issues and an extensive letter section.

2207. Bayou La Rose. P.O.Box 2576, San Diego, CA 92112. Anarchist journal featuring material on class, human rights and ecological issues.

2208. Black Rose. Box 1075, Boston, MA 02103. Anarchist quarterly.

2209. Fifth Estate. P.O.Box 02548, Detroit, MI 48202. A quarterly anarchist journal that has been published for over 18 years.

2210. Gay Anarchist Circle. P.O. Box 840, Washington DC, 20044. Gay anarchist journal.

2211. Green Synthesis. League for Ecological Democracy, P.O. Box 1858, San Pedro, CA 90733. An ecological magazine in which anarchist viewpoints are often expressed. It is the successor to Synthesis.

2212. Greyzone. Back Room Anarchist Bks., 2, E.27th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55408. Newsletter of the Twin Cities Anarchists.

2213. Ideas and Action. P.O. Box 40400, San Francisco, CA 94140. An anarcho-syndicalist publication produced by the Workers Solidarity Alliance of San Francisco.

2214. Instead of a Magazine. P.O. Box 433, Willimantic, CT 06226. Anarchist periodical.

2215. Libertarian Labor Review. Box 2824, Champaign, ILL 6/825. A journal of anarcho-syndicalist ideas and discussion.

2216. Little Free Press. Rt. 1, Box 102, Cushing, MN 56443. Anarchist periodical produced in Minneapolis.

2217. Love and Rage. P.O. Box 3, Prince Street Station, New York, NY 10012. A revolutionary anarchist news monthly written in English and Spanish.

2218. A New World Rising. Box 33, 77 Ives Street, Providence, RI 020906. A publication featuring 'alternative' news.

2219. Non Violent Anarchist Newsletter. Slough Pr., Box 1385, Austin, TX 73767.

2220. Overthrow. P.O. Box 392, Canal Street Station, New York, NY 10013. An anti-authoritarian publication from the Yippie Movement.

2221. Processed World. 37 Clementin Street, San Francisco, CA 94105. A libertarian journal produced by the Bay Area Center for Art and Technology, San Francisco.

2222. The Seditionist. Incendiary Publications, P.O. Box 210095, San Francisco, CA 94121-0095. Monthly anarchist journal.

2223. Social Anarchism. Atlantic Center for Research and Education, 2743 Maryland Ave., Baltimore, MD 21218. A semi-annual journal containing essays and articles on anarchist theory and practice.


2224. Comunidad. Box 15128, S-10465 Stockholm, Sweden. A Spanish language anarchist journal produced by Uruguayans living in exile in Sweden.


2225. USSR. Yepitoe Ehamr. A,R. 188, Neruryrag, 198303 Ukraine. Newsletter produced by Ukrainian anarchists.