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"When he had said that, his disciple shouted . . . : 'But I believe in your cause and consider it so strong that I will say everything, everything that I can find in my heart to say against it.' The innovator laughed . . . : 'This kind of discipleship,' he said then, 'is the best . . .'"
[Nietzsche, The Gay Science]

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This forum is open to anyone who has something of interest to say about the writings or topics discussed by Wilfrid Sellars. However, since this is a moderated forum, the contribution must satisfy the moderator before it is posted. All contributions should be sent to:

July 1999:
Teed Rockwell, "Experience and Sensation: Sellars and Dewey on the Non-Cognitive Aspects of Mental Life"

Nov. 24, 1998:
William Alston, "Sellars and the 'Myth of the Given' "

Sept. 11, 1998:
Thomas Vinci, "The Myth of the Myth of the Given"

Ronald C. Hoy, "The Given and the Self-Presenting," Nous 19 (1985): 347-64.

June 10, 1998:
Harold I. Brown, "Conceptual Comparison and Conceptual Innovation"

June 1, 1997:
Marc Lange, "Salience, Supervenience, and Layer Cakes in Sellars's Scientific Realism, McDowell's Moral Realism, and the Philosophy of Mind"

Andrew Chrucky, "Comment on Sellars' view of philosophy"

April 19, 1996:
Willem deVries, "Sellars, Animals, and Thought" .

Feb. 6, 1996:
Jaroslav Peregrin, "Comment on Jay Rosenberg's 'Categorial Ontology'"

Danielle Macbeth, "Pragmatism and the Philosophy of Language," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 55 (1995): 501-23.

July 13, 1993:
Anonymous referee's report for the Australasian Journal of Philosophy on an article submitted by Andrew Chrucky.

David Benfield, "Chrucky's Way Out for Sellars"

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