James Joll, The Anarchists, Second Edition, 1979.


A work of synthesis of this kind necessarily owes much to the researches of others, and I should like to acknowledge my debt to all those authors cited in the notes and to apologize to them when I have used the facts they have discovered to support conclusions with which they may not agree.

I am most grateful to my friends Raymond Carr, Hugh Thomas, and David Footman, who have given me invaluable advice on the sections of the book dealing with Spain and Russia and who have saved me from many errors. 1 am additionally indebted to Mr Raymond Carr for allowing me to see before publication parts of his volume on Spain for the Oxford History of Modern Europe. Mr Marshall Shatz, of Columbia University, New York, was also kind enough to let me use an unpublished paper on anarchists in Russia.

I should also like to thank the many people who have helped me with their ideas and suggestions, and especially Mr Ivan Avakumovic, Professor Sir Isaiah Berlin, Dr C-P Clasen, Sir F. W. Deakin, Dr Arthur Lehning, M. Jean Maitron, Mme Federica Montseny, Mr Bertil Oilman, Dr Saul Rose, Mr Christopher Seton-Watson, and Dr Theodore Zeldin.

I am also very grateful to Miss Mary Worthington, Mrs Jane Wilson and Mrs Irene Leon for valuable secretarial help.

In revising the work for the second edition, I have benefited from the advice and criticism of a number of reviewers and correspondents who commented on the original edition, and of many people with whom I have subsequently discussed the subject. I should especially like to thank Professor David Apter, Professor Paul Avrich, Dame Margaret Cole, Professor Michael Confino, Mr George Esenwein, Mr W. F. Fishman, Professor Marie Fleming, Dr Arthur Lehning, the late George Lichtheim, Dr Ruth Link-Salinger, Dr Iaacov Oved, Dr Paul Preston, Mr Walter Reinsdorf, Mr Fermin Rocker, Dr Joaquin Romero Maura, Professor C. Tsuzuki and Dr Robert Wistrich; and I am also indebted to the work of many scholars who have carried out research in the field since this book was first published. Mr Walter Reinsdorf has kindly given me permission to quote from the letter from August Reinsdorf on p. 122.