James Joll, The Anarchists, Second Edition, 1979.

Suggestions for further reading

A short selection of books in English is given below. There is a fuller list in George Woodcock, Anarchism (New York 1962; London 1963), a work which is a valuable and comprehensive history of the anarchist movement.

April Carter
The Political Theory of Anarchism (London 1971).
Norman Cohn
The Pursuit of the Millennium (London 1957).
G. D. H. Cole
History of Socialist Thought (5 vols, London 1953-8).
Alexander Gray
The Socialist Tradition: Moses to Lenin (London 1946).
Daniel Guerin
Anarchism (New York 1970).
J. L. Talmon
The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy (London 1952)
Political Messianism (London 1963).
George Woodcock
Anarchism (London 1963).

Biographies, memoirs and critical studies

H. N. Brailsford, Shelley, Godwin and their Circle (London 1913).
David Fleisher, William Godwin: A Study in Liberalism (London 1951).
George Woodcock, William Godwin (London 1936).
Carl Wittke, The Utopian Communist (Baton Rouge 1950).
D. W. Brogan, Proudhon (London 1936).
J. Hampden Jackson, Marx, Proudhon and European Socialism (London 1957).
H. de Lubac, The Unmarxian Socialist (London 1948).
George Woodcock, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon (London 1956).
Bakunin and Marx
I. Berlin, Karl Marx (London 1952).
E.H. Carr, Michael Bakunin (London 1937); Karl Marx (London 1934).
David McLellan, Karl Marx (London 1974).
P. Kropotkin, Memoirs of a Revolutionist (London 1899).
George Woodcock and Ivan Avakumovic, The Anarchist Prince (London 1950).
Emma Goldman
Emma Goldman, Living My Life (London 1931); My Disillusionment in Russia (London 1923).
Richard Drinnon, Rebel in Paradise (Chicago 1961).
Alexander Berkman, Prison Memoirs of an Anarchist (New York 1912); The Bolshevik Myth (New York 1925).
Gustav Landauer
Ruth Link-Salinger, Gustav Landauer: Philosopher of Utopia (Indianapolis 1977).
Errico Malatesta
Vernon Richards, Errico Malatesta, His Life and Ideas (London 1965).
Georges Sorel
Richard Humphreys, Georges Sorel: Prophet without Honor (Cambridge, Mass. 1951).
Irving Louis Horowitz, Radicalism and the Revolt against Reason: the Theories of Georges Sorel (London 1961).
H. Stuart Hughes, Consciousness and Society (London 1961).
Rudolph Rocker
Rudolph Rocker, The London Years (London 1956).

Miscellaneous special studies

Louis Adamic
Dynamite: Class Violence in America (London 1931).
David E. Apter and James Joll (eds)
Anarchism Today (London 1971).
Paul Avrich
The Russian Anarchists (Princeton 1967).
Paul Avrich (ed.) The Anarchists in the Russian Revolution (Ithaca 1973).
Burnett Bolloten
The Grand Camouflage (London 1961).
Murray Bookchin
The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years (New York 1977).
Franz Borkenau
The Spanish Cockpit (London 1937).
Gerald Brenan
The Spanish Labyrinth (London 1960).
P. E. Brissenden
The IWW: A Study of American Syndicalism (New York 1960).
E. H. Carr
The Romantic Exiles (London 1933); Studies in Revolution (London 1950).
David Footman
Civil War in Russia (London 1961).
Eugenia W. Herbert
The Artist and Social Reform: France and Belgium 1885-1900 (New Haven 1961).
E. J. Hobsbawm
Primitive Rebels (Manchester 1959).
Richard Hostetter
The Italian Socialist Movement, vol. I: Origins (1860-1882) (Princeton 1958).
James Joll
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Temma Kaplan
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Ira Kipnis
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J. C. Longoni
Four Patients of Dr Deibler (Ravachol, A. Vaillant, E. Henry, Santo Jeronimo Caserio) (London 1970).
Geoffrey Ostergaard and Melville Currell
The Gentle Anarchists: A Study of the Leaders of the Sarvodaya Movement for Non-Violent Revolution in India (Oxford 1971).
Hugh Thomas
The Spanish Civil War (New edition, London 1977).
Franco Venturi
Roots of Revolution (London 1959) [English translation of Il Populismo Russo (Turin 1953)].
Nineteen seventeen: The Russian Revolution Betrayed (London 1954) [English abridged edition of La Revolution Inconnue (Paris n,d.)].
Robert Wistrich
Revolutionary Jews from Marx to Trotsky (London 1976).