George Woodcock, Anarchism: A History of Libertarian Ideas and Movements, 1962, Postscript 1975.

Selected Bibliography

[For links to digital texts of some of these documents, see Anarchism: The Unfinished Revolution]

A complete bibliography of anarchist literature would take up considerably more space than the whole text of this book. In 1897 Max Nettlau had already found enough material of this kind to fill a fairly large volume, and to extend his task up to 1939 another two or three volumes might well be needed.

The list I present here consists of the books I have found most useful in writing my own history. There are certain deliberate omissions. On Proudhon, Godwin, and Kropotkin I have only noted key or recent works, since my biographies of these writers (that on Kropotkin in collaboration with Ivan Avakumovic) already contain fairly full, bibliographies to which I would refer the particularly interested reader. I have refrained from any attempt to list the copious (and largely derivative) pamphlet literature of the anarchists. I have also omitted periodicals; the most important are already clearly identified in the text.

Some of the works I have listed, like those by Max Nettlau, G. D. H. Cole, Rudolf Rocker, P. Eltzbacher, and E. V. Zenker, illuminate the whole history of anarchism. Others apply particularly to personalities or events, or to special aspects of anarchism which in most cases are made evident by their titles. I have included a few of the representative works of literature influenced by anarchist ideas or history, but here again I have only touched the edge of a considerable field.

In addition to listing the principal published works I have used, I should mention my particular debt to the very hospitable and helpful staff of the International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam, who allowed me to read through the considerable collections of drafts and notes left by the late Max Nettlau. Like Max Nettlau's published volumes, this material was an invaluable source of facts about late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century anarchist events and personalities. I have also drawn on correspondence and the memories of conversations which I have had during the past twenty years with people in [468] some way -- directly or indirectly -- involved in anarchist history; I would mention particularly J. Garcia Pradas, Lilian Wolfe, Andre" Prudhommeaux, Vernon Richards, Giovanna Berneri, Herbert Read, S. Fleshin, and Mollie Steimer, and, among those who have since died, Marie Louise Berneri, G. P. Maximoff, Frederick Lohr, Rudolf Rocker, Mat Kavanagh, and Luigi Bertoni. Whatever information I owe to these people, I should emphasize that my conclusions are my own.

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