C. D. Broad, Examination of McTaggart's Philosophy, 1933; vol. II, 1938

Table of Contents

Volume I

  1. Preliminary Considerations
  2. Characteristics and Particulars
  3. Determination
  4. The Composition and Division of Particulars
  5. Determining Correspondence

    Volume II

  6. The Psychological and Epistemological Foundations
  7. The Trial of Ostensibly Exemplified Characteristics
  8. The Real Foundation of Temporal Appearances
  9. Immortality and God
  10. Value in the Universe

Volume I

Directions to the Reader

Book I
Preliminary Considerations

  1. McTaggart's Method and its Relations to other Methods
  2. Reality and Existence
  3. Is Existence Co-extensive with Reality?
    (I) Characteristics and Possibilities
  4. Is Existence Co-extensive with Reality?
    (II) Propositions

    Book II
    Characteristics and Particulars

  5. Characteristics
    (I) Division into Qualities and Relations
  6. Characteristics
    (I) Division into Simple, Compound, and Complex
  7. Particulars
    (I) The Notion of Substance
  8. Particulars
    (I) The Plurality of Particulars
  9. The Dissimilarity of the Diverse
  10. The Principle of Sufficient Descriptions

    Book III

  11. Intrinsic Determination
  12. Presupposition and Requirement
  13. Causation
  14. Extrinsic Determination

    Book IV
    The Composition and Division of Particulars

  15. Groups
  16. Compound Particulars. The Universe
  17. Manifestations and Organic Unity
  18. The Subdivision of the Universe
  19. The Endless Divisibility of Particulars
  20. The Implications of Endless Divisibility

    Book V
    Determining Correspondence

  21. The Principle of Determining Correspondence
  22. Determining Correspondence and Unities Within the Universe
  23. The Discrimination of Primary Parts
  24. Determing Correspondence and the Structure of the Universe


    Volume II

    Directions to the Reader

    Book VI
    The Psychological and Epistemological Foundations

  25. Classification of Ostensible Experiences: Ostensible Cogitations
  26. Certain Kinds of Ostensible Cogitations
    (I) Ostensible Prehension
  27. Certain Kinds of Ostensible Cogitation
    (II) Ostensible Sense-Perception
  28. Ostensible Volition
  29. Ostensible Emotion and Ostensible Pleasure-Pain

    Book VII
    The Trial of Ostensibly Exemplified Characteristics

  30. Ostensible Selfhood and Ostensible Self-Knowledge
  31. The Trial of Ostensible Exemplified Characteristics
  32. Ostensibly Non-Prehensive Cogitations
  33. Ostensible Sense-Qualities and Ostensible Materiality
  34. McTaggart's Form of Mentalism and Its Consequences
  35. Ostensible Temporality

    Book VIII
    The Real Foundation of Temporal Appearances

    Section A
    Time and Error

  36. General Remarks on Error
  37. Error and C-Series
  38. Necessary Conditions of Any Theory of Error and C-Series
  39. Statement of the Theory of C-Series
  40. The Complete Correctness of omega-Prehensions
  41. The Partial Incorrectness of r-Prehensions
  42. The Existence and Nature of the C-Dimension
  43. Compliance with the Conditions
  44. Ostensible Sensa and Ostensible Matter
  45. Ostensible Prehensions
  46. Ostensible Judgments
  47. Ostensible Inference
  48. Other Ostensible Forms of Cogitation
  49. Maximal and Pre-Maximal Emotion and Volition

    Section B
    Time and Eternity

  50. Direction in C-Series and in Ostensible B-Series
  51. Apparent Temporal Position and Real C-Position
  52. Ostensible Duration

    Book IX
    Immortality and God

  53. Ostensible Immortality
  54. Ostensible Pre-Existence and Post-Existence
  55. God

    Book X
    Value in the Universe

  56. General Theory of Value
  57. The Bearers of Value
  58. The Value Associated with the Maximal End-Term of a Primary C-Series
  59. Concluding Remarks on Value