by Ivan L. Rudnytsky

Edited by Peter L. Rudnytsky

Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies
University of Alberta
Edmonton 1987

For Alexandra

"Educated Ukrainians usually work for anything in the world except Ukraine and its people. . . . They must take an oath to themselves not to desert the Ukrainian cause. They must realize that every educated man who leaves Ukraine, every cent which is not spent for Ukrainian purposes, every word that is not spoken in Ukrainian, is a waste of the capital of the Ukrainian people, and that with things as they are, anything lost is irreplaceable."

Mykhailo Drahomanov, "Introduction" to Hromada

Ivan L. Rudnytsky

Ivan L. Rudnytsky


  • Acknowledgements ix
  • Preface xi
  • Introduction: Ivan Lysiak-Rudnytsky, Scholar and "Communicator" xv
  • Maps: Nineteenth-Century Ukraine xxiii
  • Ukraine since 1945 xxv
  • Ukraine between East and West
  • The Role of Ukraine in Modern History 11
  • Observations on the Problem of "Historical" and "Non-Historical" Nations 37
  • Polish-Ukrainian Relations: The Burden of History 49
  • Pereiaslav: History and Myth 77
  • Trends in Ukrainian Political Thought 91
  • The Intellectual Origins of Modern Ukraine 123
  • Hipolit Vladimir Terlecki 143
  • Michal Czajkowski's Cossack Project During the Crimean War: An Analysis of of Ideas 173
  • Franciszek Duchiriski and His Impact on Ukrainian Political Thought 187
  • Drahomanov as a Political Theorist 203
  • The First Ukrainian Political Program: Mykhailo Drahomanov's "Introduction" to Hromada 255
  • Mykhailo Drahomanov and the Problem of Ukrainian-Jewish Relations 283
  • The Problem of Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Nineteenth-Century Ukrainian Political Thought 299
  • The Ukrainians in Galicia under Austrian Rule 315
  • Carpatho-Ukraine: A People in Search of Their Identity 353
  • The Ukrainian National Movement on the Eve of the First World War 375
  • The Fourth Universal and Its Ideological Antecedents 389
  • Volodymyr Vynnychenko's Ideas in the Light of His Political Writings 417
  • Viacheslav Lypynsky: Statesman, Historian, and Political Thinker 437
  • Lypynsky's Political Ideas from the Perspective of Our Time 447
  • Soviet Ukraine in Historical Perspective 463
  • The Political Thought of Soviet Ukrainian Dissidents 477
  • Index 491