Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
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Keeley, Brian L.

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    Kelley, David

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  • Theories of Truth: A Critical Introduction (The MIT Press, 1992).

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  • "Some Consequences of Knowing Everything (Essential) There is to Know about One's Mental States," Review of Metaphysics 29 (1975): 3-18.

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  • (ed.) Essays on Bertrand Russell (London: University of Illinois Press, 1970).

    Koch, Anton Friedrich

  • Vernunft und Sinnlichkeit im praktischen Denken: eine sprachbehavioristische Rekonstruktion Kantischer Theoreme gegen Sellars (Wurzburg: Konigshausen + Neumann, 1980).
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  • "A Myth Resurgent: Classical Foundationalism and the New Sellarsian Critique," Synthese (2016):1-15.
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  • "Pragmatism and Metaphysical Explanation: The Case for (and against) Universals," forthcoming in Journal of Philosophy

    Kukla, Rebecca

  • "Myth, Memory and Misrecognition in Sellars'``Empiricism and the Philosophy of Mind''," Philosophical Studies, 2000: 161-211.

    Kuklick, Bruce

  • A History of Philosophy in America 1720-2000 Clarendon-Press : Oxford, 2003.

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  • "Qualia, Sensa und Absolute Prozesse. Zu W. Sellars' Kritik des psychocerebalen Reduktionismus," Journal for General Philosophy of Science (Zeischrift für Allgemeine Wissenschaftstheories) 21 (1990): 25-41.

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