Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
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Rankin, K.W.

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      Table of contents
      Abbreviations of Sellars' Texts
      Introduction: Psychological Nominalism and German Idealism, Patrick J. Reider, University of Pittsburgh, USA
      Part I: Psychological Nominalism and Realism
    1. “Psychological Nominalism” and the Given, from Abstract Entities to Animal Minds, James R. O'Shea, University College Dublin, Ireland
    2. Hegel and Sellars' “Myth of Jones”: Can Sellars have more in common with Hegel than Rorty and Brandom suggest?, Paul Redding, University of Sydney, Australia
    3. The Metaphysics of Sensation: Psychological Nominalism and the Reality of Consciousness, Ray Brassier, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
    4. Language, Norms, and Linguistic Norms, Willem deVries, University of New Hampshire, USA
      Part II: Psychological Nominalism and Idealism
    5. On the Pittsburgh School, Kant, Hegel, and Realism, Tom Rockmore, Peking University, China
    6. Reading Wilfrid Sellars' “Philosophy and the Scientific Image of Man,” with Robert Brandom at One's Side, Joseph Margolis Temple University, USA
    7. A Kantian Critique of Sellars' Transcendental Realism, Johannes Haag, Universität Potsdam, Germany
    8. Psychological Nominalism and Conceptual Relativism: an Idealist's Take, Patrick J. Reider, University of Pittsburgh, USA

    Richards, Robert J.

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