Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
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Camacho, Luis

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    Carnap, Rudolf

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    Castañeda, Hector Neri

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    Casullo, Albert

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    Cayla, Fabien

  • Routes et deroutes de l'intentionnalite; precede de: Correspondance sur l'intentionnalite de Wilfrid Sellars - Roderick Chisholm (Combas (France, Gard): Editions de l'Eclat, 1991).

    Child, James W.

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    Chomsky, Noam

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    Chrucky, Andrew

  • "Critique of Wilfrid Sellars' Materialism," Ph.D. Dissertation, Fordham University, 1990, 537 pp.

    Churchland, Paul

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    Clark, Romane

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    Clarke, D. S.

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    Coates, Paul

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    Coffa, J. Alberto

  • "Notas Para un Esquema de la Filosofia de la Ciencia Contemporanea," Critica 6 (1972): 15-56.

    Cohen, I. Jonathan

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    Collins, James

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    Conant, James

  • The Philosophy of Wilfrid Sellars Syllabus - Winter 2010

    Cornman, James W.

  • "Speak Your Thoughts," Journal of Philosophy 61, 1964: 665-68. (Abstract) The full version is printed in New Readings in Philosophical Analysis, ed. H. Feigl, W. Sellars and K. Lehrer (New York: Appleton-Century-Crofts, 1972): 437-443.
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    Crane, Tim

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    Crawford, Dan D.

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    Creath, Richard

  • "Taking Theories Seriously," Synthese 62 (1985): 317-346.

    Cruz, Joe

  • "Epistemic Norms and the Sellarsian Dilemma for Foundationalism" (unpublished)

    Czerny, Robert E.

  • "Meaning, Minds, and Language-Learning: A Critical Study of Wilfrid Sellars' Philosophy of Mind," M.A. Thesis, University of Toronto, 1971.