Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
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van Fraassen, Bas

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  • "Critical Study of Paul Churchland, Scientific Realism and the Plasticity of Mind," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 11 (1981): 555-67.
  • "The Manifest Image and the Scientific Image" This paper was presented as part of the James B. and Grace J. Nelson Lectures, University of Michigan (Oct. 1994), and of the Kant Lectures, Stanford University (Apr. 1995) as well as at the Einstein meets Magritte Conference (Brussels, May 1995). (published: pp. 29-52 in D. Aerts (ed.). Einstein Meets Magritte: The White Book -- An Interdisciplinary Reflection. Dordrecht: Kluwer, 1999.)

    Vander Veer, Garrett

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    Vaught, Carl G.

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    Vinci, Thomas C.

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  • "Sellarsís Case against Foundationalism in EPM and Related Articles" (2008).

    Virvidakis, Stelios

  • "On McDowell's Conception of the 'Transcendental'," Teorema. 2006; 25(1): 35-58.

    Vlastos, Gregory

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    Voelkel, Theodore S.

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