Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
Writings Relevant to Wilfrid Sellars
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Paas, David E.

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      Table of Contents
      Introduction, David Pereplyotchik and Deborah R. Barnbaum
      Part I. Ethics, Moral Reasoning, and Free Will
    1. James O'Shea, Thought, Freedom and Embodiment in Kant and Sellars
    2. Jeremy Randel Koons, Toward a Sellarsian Ethics for the 21st Century
      Part II. Philosophy of Language and Mind
    3. Boris Brandhoff, Pure Pragmatics and the Phenomenology of Linguistic Functions: On Sellars’ Non-Factualistic Conception of Philosophy
    4. Michael R. Hicks, What Jones Taught the Ryleans: Towards a Sellarsian Metaphysics of Thought
    5. David Pereplyotchik, Sellars and Psycholinguistics
    6. Carl B. Sachs, Sentience and Sapience: The Place of Enactive Cognitive Science in Sellarsian Philosophy of Mind
      Part III. Metaphysics and Epistemology
    7. Huw Price, Wilfrid Sellars Meets Cambridge Pragmatism
    8. Kevin Fink, An Incoherence in Sellars’ Error Theoretical Account of Color Concepts
    9. Willem A. deVries, The Causal Articulation of Practical Reality
    10. Danielle Macbeth, Natural Truth
    11. Dionysis Christias, Does Brandom’s Kant-Sellars Thesis about Modality Undermine Sellars’ Scientific Naturalism?
    12. Robert B. Brandom, On the Way to a Pragmatist Theory of the Categories
      Part IV Author Meets Critics
      Robert B. Brandom, Willem A. deVries , and James O’Shea
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